Meet Dutchess.
Dutchess is a well-mannered, even-tempered, LaMancha dairy goat.
She's an excellent browser.
She is eight-years-old. As a youngster she milked a gallon-a-day, but she hasn't been milked since that time. (Yet she doesn't object to being touched).
She prefers the company of people to other animals. She didn't like my brush goat herd, but preferred the company of my rams. She came from a herd of goats socialized to humans. My goat herd isn't sociable with people.
I bought her this summer and had plans to milk her next spring, but I'm moving next to a farm with five milk goats and won't need her milk.
I might be able to get her bred for a fee.
You can call me at my cell:

Location: Springfield

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